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Interior Design
Interior desigining according to vaastu shastra

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Science which helps one to get the natural benfits truly offered by the five basic elements of the univers in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash(sky), pridhvi(Earth), Paani(water), Agni(Fire) and vayu(wind).

The ancient relies say’s that vaastu is based on two forces “Positive” and “Nagative” which are constantly interacting with eachother on the surface of the land, These forces should get disturbed whenever any structure is elected on a vacant land, to maintain a balance.

At Exotic interiors we assure you the best vasstu consullation that will help you in keeping more positive energies inside the bulding & keep you healthy, wealthy & peaceful in you house or office.

Commercial Vaastu

In Commercial vaastu we are doing the placement of each & every placelike MD office, finanice Department, Reception, Marketing Department & Manufacturing unit etc. vaastu for Restarents, showrooms, shop, Hospitals, Educational Instustions etc.

According to the vaastu principles Tis will help the Owner in getting more business & for the development of the company or office.

Pyra Vaastu

Pyramids are real MIRACLES on earth though there are practically created by man thousands of years ago but still they are very effective and miraculors due to their charecristics in respect of cosine energy with the help and use of which lot can be done for the betterment , upliftiment of entire mankind.

One of pyramids in a right direction with a procedure can give maximum benefits to the people who lives in the building